AX-HK-800 Vertical Curing Oven

AX-HK-800 in-line vertical curing oven features:

  • Curing temperature: 170°C (option 200°C)
  • Ability to cure large PCB with up 7 mm height
  • Capable of handling heavy load up to 200 kg (100 kg for each side).
  • Excellent temperature uniformity (±1°C) as well as consistent and uniform temperature profile (see comments below)
  • Flat, low-vibration loading conveyor with improved mechanism
  • Curing cycle time of up to one hour in footprints as small as 1830 mm.
  • Customized heights for curing space vary from 800 mm to 1285 mm.
  • Each vertical system consists of at one transport tower, each of which has an uplink and downlink.
  • Six-zone heating with independent time and temperature controls for single and double step profiling.
  • Stainless steel mechanism for high temperature strength and low maintenance.
  • Cooling zone.
  • Class 1,000 option for clean environment.
  • Six-thermocouple profiling capability and optional pyrometers.
  • Fixture width adjustable from 140 to 330 mm for PCBs, Auer boats, JEDEC trays and recalculating pallets.
  • Pitch between product carriers may be specified from 140 mm to 330 mm for both width and length (maximum of 500 mm width and 800 mm length).
  • Magazine loader interface.
  • User-friendly software with HMI interface
  • Touch screen controls.
  • SMEMA connectivity.
  • CE certified.

AX-HK-800 Specs:

Feeding method:

Automatic connection with the production line

Loading belt height:

965 mm ± 20 mm

Surface available for the product:

390 x 320 mm

Index spacing between oven trays:

18 and 126 mm

Stock way:

Vertical storage type

Save the quantity:

60 – 70 pieces of tooling

Curing time:

1-60 min

Heating time:

30 min

Temperature control method:


Number of heat zones:


Number of cooling zones:


Heating power per zone:

4 – 9 kW

Temperature range:

Room temperature -200 oC

Temperature uniformity at 170 oC:

± 1 oC

PCB size:

80 – 300 (customization options)

Start / operating power:

3.6 kW

Control System:

PLC + microcomputer control

Abnormal alarm:

Three-color lights, the screen prompts the fault point


2100 x 1800 x 2100 mm

Gas source:

5 Mpa

Power supply:

3-phase 5-wire system


1800 kg

Advantages of AX Oven:

  • Improved rigidity (in design, materials and structure)
  • Stronger motor and chains for motion consistency and precision
  • Advanced chain positioning mechanism and synchronization to improve accuracy, preventing spill overs and improved board levelling, achieved by unique high-resolution chain adjustment mechanism (patent pending)
  • Exceptionally uniform cure profile