Why AX Vertical Curing Ovens are Technically Superior

  • Improved rigidity (in design, materials and structure)
  • Stronger motor and chains for motion consistency and precision
  • Advanced chain positioning mechanism and synchronization to improve accuracy, preventing spill overs and improved board levelling, achieved by unique high-resolution chain adjustment mechanism (patent pending)
  • Exceptionally uniform curing profile (see right)

Vertical curing ovens from AX Equipment help reduce floor space, improve curing process consistency, increase productivity and reduce costs. AX Equipment’s ovens are extremely space-saving. In comparison to horizontal continuous flow ovens, they use the available ceiling height instead of valuable floor space. The savings in production area compared to the horizontal variants can be enormous.

Our vertical oven design, with its stable curing temperature, improves the process consistency and subsequently the quality of the products cured. It also shortens the production time and simplifies the production flow compared to batch curing ovens.

In-line ovens increase productivity by eliminating the manual labour needed for loading and unloading batch ovens. The constant opening of the doors in batch ovens also adds to unwanted temperature variation.

Vertical ovens require very little space compared to batch ovens and horizontal flow ovens.