AX-HK-800 Vertical Curing Oven


AX-HK-800 in-line vertical curing oven features:

  • Curing temperature: 170°C (option 200°C)
  • Ability to cure large PCB with up 7 mm height
  • Capable of handling heavy load up to 200 kg (100 kg for each side).
  • Excellent temperature uniformity (±1°C) as well as consistent and uniform temperature profile (see comments below)
  • Flat, low-vibration loading conveyor with improved mechanism
  • Curing cycle time of up to one hour in footprints as small as 1830 mm.
  • Customized heights for curing space vary from 800 mm to 1285 mm.
  • Each vertical system consists of at one transport tower, each of which has an uplink and downlink.
  • Six-zone heating with independent time and temperature controls for single and double step profiling.
  • Stainless steel mechanism for high temperature strength and low maintenance.
  • Cooling zone.
  • Class 1,000 option for clean environment.
  • Six-thermocouple profiling capability and optional pyrometers.
  • Fixture width adjustable from 140 to 330 mm for PCBs, Auer boats, JEDEC trays and recalculating pallets.
  • Pitch between product carriers may be specified from 140 mm to 330 mm for both width and length (maximum of 500 mm width and 800 mm length).
  • Magazine loader interface.
  • User-friendly software with HMI interface
  • Touch screen controls.
  • SMEMA connectivity.
  • CE certified.

Vertical format curing ovens from AX Equipment help reducing floor space, improving curing process consistency, increasing productivity and reducing the costs. AX Equipment’s ovens are extremely space-saving. In comparison to horizontal continuous flow ovens, they only use the available room height. The savings in production area compared to the horizontal variants can be enormous.

The vertical oven, with its stable curing temperature, improves the process consistency and subsequently the quality of the products cured. It also speeds up the production time and simplifies the production compared to curing batch ovens.

In-line setting increases productivity by allowing to eliminate manual labour needed to load and unload batch ovens. Constant opening the doors adds to the unwanted variation of the temperature.

Vertical format oven requires very little space as compared to the batch and horizontal flow ovens.

AX-HK-800 Specs:

Feeding method:

Automatic connection with the production line

Loading belt height:

965 mm ± 20 mm

Surface available for the product:

390 x 320 mm

Index spacing between oven trays:

18 and 126 mm

Stock way:

Vertical storage type

Save the quantity:

60 - 70 pieces of tooling

Curing time:

1-60 min

Heating time:

30 min

Temperature control method:


Number of heat zones:


Number of cooling zones:


Heating power per zone:

4 – 9 kW

Temperature range:

Room temperature -200 oC

Temperature uniformity at 170 oC:

± 1 oC

PCB size:

80 - 300 (customization options)

Start / operating power:

3.6 kW

Control System:

PLC + microcomputer control

Abnormal alarm:

Three-color lights, the screen prompts the fault point


2100 x 1800 x 2100 mm

Gas source:

5 Mpa

Power supply:

3-phase 5-wire system


1800 kg

Advantages of AX Oven:

  • Improved rigidity (in design, materials and structure)
  • Stronger motor and chains for motion consistency and precision
  • Advanced chain positioning mechanism and synchronization to improve accuracy, preventing spill overs and improved board levelling, achieved by unique high-resolution chain adjustment mechanism (patent pending)
  • Exceptionally uniform cure profile